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Turning 16 is a major milestone in a girl's life, one that parents often celebrate with a party. Some parents view their daughter's 16th birthday as a coming-of-age celebration that they expect she'll want to share with a group of her closest girlfriends. They may be surprised to learn that she sees the perfect Sweet Sixteen as an invite-everyone, urban-club-style bash.

Sweet sixteen parties are changing. Some teens feel awkward about having a formal party... who to ask...who not to ask...what if the "right" people don't come...what if the "wrong" people do show up?  Some teens dream of the day, others shrink in horror.  The solution? Let the about-to-be sixteen make the decision. If your teen says no, offer the option of an informal fun party with a theme that everyone will enjoy... or a backyard bash for close friends.  Remember - the goal is for the birthday star to have a memory to cherish.

Fortunately, parents can avoid the Sweet Sixteen planning minefield by setting a few ground rules up front.  You'll want to sit-down and talk with your daughter before her Big Day:  Involve her in the planning Often, the party budget helps to determine the type of party, where it will be held, how many Guests will be invited, the type of food, and level of entertainment.  Give your daughter the chance to participate in the decision-making. If there is a budget, let her know what it is. Encourage her to think about how she would like the money to be allocated.  If a Saturday night girl/boy party is the celebration of choice, make it clear that you will be there to supervise the event.  Too often, Kids think their parents will take care of all party arrangements and then disappear.  Let her know that you and other adults will be there."

Another issue that can cause conflict is the choice of music. Unfortunately, some songs by popular artists offer up profanity, references to sex, and the glorification of violence—sometimes, all in the same song.  This is a tough one. Parents may not know what's popular at the moment or what any particular song is about. But Jamrock Entertainment will. If you have concerns, sit down with your daughter and Jamrock Entertainment.  Ask for guidance and suggestions.  You may have to compromise and allow Jamrock Entertainment to play at least some music you're not happy about.  What's important is to use the discussion about music to reinforce the values that are important to you and your family.

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