Behringer® DJX-700™ DJ Mixer

The Behringer® PRO MIXER DJX700 is a professional 5-channel DJ mixer with such great features to instantly ingrain itself on the short list of must-have industry standards.

Your crowd will be astounded by the 47 breathtaking digital effect presets in 24-bit quality: delay, reverb, flanger, filter, panner, ultrabass, exciter, Vinylizer, voice changer and more. Your audience will be astounded, but they’ll never have to know your secret.

It also has an awesome XPQ 3D surround function. It widens the stereo image and adds life and transparency to your sound—it’s a great way to put a unique finishing touch to your sound and make it feel bigger and wider.

Martin® Light Jockey 2 Light Controller
Martin® Light Jockey 2.7 is a flexible, easy way to design and create your personalized light show.  You can choose any design and every color in the rainbow to make your event spectacular.  Light Jockey 2.7 uses a single Universal USB-DMX Interface.